The Divorce Chronicles will provide you with valuable insight into the inner workings of the legal process and what you need to know to transition from married to single life. 


Survive Divorce provides up-to-date advice for navigating the divorce process.

Web Based Communication Tools

Raising healthy children requires a consistent and reliable means of communication. In every family, keeping track of activity schedules, health care, educational needs, social and emotional changes, and day-to-day triumphs and challenges is difficult. The difficulty is multiplied exponentially when raising children in two homes. Parents must communicate! Below are links to wonderful, web based communication tools that will allow parents to share information while minimizing the opportunities for conflict.


2Houses.com helps parents organize schedules, send messages, keep track of activities, manage expenses, and easily exchange school and medical information. It also has a feature that helps parents manage to-do, and shopping lists. Additionally, it provides a place where parents can store important documents, photos and videos. 


Bothparents.com features a shared calendar, address book for important contacts and photo sharing abilities. It also has a 'one email address' tool that parents use to jointly receive communication from teachers, schools or anyone who needs to communicate with both parents. (Cost: Free!)

Online Coparenting Workshops and Support

Even in the best circumstances, coparenting is difficult. Surrounding yourself with encouragement and information to support your unique parenting journey is important. Below are links to fantastic free online workshops to encourage you and keep you focused on your parenting goals.


For parents who have never been married


For divorcing and divorced parents


For parents working through marital problems

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